I delivered two pairs of bookcases in Ash last weekend – now ready to be filled with books!

I repaired and renovated a spoon-backed (sometimes called balloon-backed) Victorian chair in mahogany earlier in the year. I did it during the first Covid lockdown when the timber-yards were closed and I couldn’t buy timber for other commissions. It’s always a joy to get a piece of furniture back to full working order.

I finished renovating the church porch last week after it had been treated for woodworm. I really enjoyed sanding it all back to the original bare pitch pine and bringing the panelling back to life with a clear satin varnish to protect it. It’s really lightened the porch up. It was a pleasure to work with members of the church to make decisions about what would look best.

The Porfolio has been revamped with more relevant categories and some new images.

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As you have probably noticed, the website has just had a major redesign!