If you have an idea for bespoke furniture, fitted storage or shelving that combines design excellence with quality craftwork, then please contact me to discuss it.

Pieces are individually priced and I am keen to make my work affordable. I will discuss your budget and requirements with you and then provide you with an estimate.

Making furniture by hand using traditional methods, designed to meet your particular needs and built to last, is time-consuming. The price depends on a lot of things, including type of timber, size and construction methods, so each piece is individually priced. Anything with drawers or other moving parts will add to the price.

To give you a rough guide, prices could range as follows:

Chest of drawers £1000 – £2500
Coffee/side table £500 – £1000
Dining table £750 – £2500
Cabinet, cupboard, wardrobe £1000 – £2500
Bookcase £500 – £1000
Bench seat £500 – £1000
Fitted shelving From £500
Fitted cupboard From £1000

However, please tell me if you have a budget and we can discuss a design and price to fit your needs. Remember the design is a two-way process and there will be plenty of opportunity to make adjustments.